Payment methods

What are the prices of  translations?

The price of translations is calculated according to the following factors: 

- Number of words

- Complexity of the text (technical texts require research)

- Delivery deadlines (urgent or standard)

Rates are negotiable and will be determined along with the client.

Projects of great extension have significant discounts.

Which are the payment methods?

Payments may be made by bank transfer or with credit or debit card (using PayPal as a third party payment processor) 

If you need a translation please fill in the "formulario de Contacto" (Contact form) including:

- Mail address/ Tu dirección de correo electrónico

- Web Page/ Tu página web (if any)

- Name/ Tu nombre

- Subject/ Asunto

- Message / Tu mensaje

- Languages (English-Spanish/ Spanish-English) 

- Number of words

- Delivery deadline

- Contact details

We will always send you an answer within 24 hours after receiving your data.

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